The world is full of SAP reporting and business analytics tools - but wouldn't it be great if there was a way to really understand what's going on in your organization? A way to not only report on events, but a way to understand them, control them, improve them.

Imagine if you were able to understand the root causes of issues? To be empowered to answer questions as you think of them.

Imagine no more. Every Angle's unique insight and SAP prescriptive analytics capability will take your company's performance to the next level.

Move beyond process silos. Move beyond ABAP and Excel. Move beyond SAP reporting hindsight.

Move to a world of actionable insight.

cross-process analytics for SAP

cross-process analytics for SAP

Move from hindsight to foresight! Advanced analytics calculations enhance your SAP data to create new levels of understanding across the business. Identify performance issues, potential risks and improvement opportunities before they hit your customers or your bottom line.

Identify bottlenecks, understand root causes

Identify bottlenecks, understand root causes, take immediate action

Move from reactive to proactive! Unique insight and added intelligence highlights bottlenecks, critical orders, excess or insufficient stocks, risks and hidden cash. Understand, control and improve any SAP value chain, regardless of complexity.

Create reports and dashboards

Create reports and dashboards without IT assistance

Move from constrained to empowered! Business users can create dashboards, reports and graphs, analyze data and find answers in minutes - all without IT assistance. No data sets, no info-cubes, no delays. Empower the business, control the data, free IT.


Installed in 3 days. Adding value in 3 minutes.


Every Angle is a unique business analytics solution that:

the Complexity of SAP

Understands and Simplifies
the Complexity of SAP

Every Angle presents your SAP data in a way that end users can understand. Our unique analytics capability contains inbuilt understanding of SAP's data structure, dictionary and customizing. This allows us to take the hundreds of tables and SAP speak and simplify it into normal business terms and language users understand. Deep experience and knowledge of the integration elements in SAP allow Every Angle to break through the silos, combine data from multiple functions in order to provide new insights.

Business Analytics templates for SAP

Contains hundreds of ready-to-use business analytics templates

Every Angle is a plug-and-play business analytics solution. We have been working with leading companies across multiple industries and geographies since 1996, enabling us to understand the most critical and important business questions, and to create hundreds of templated 'angles' that answer these questions.
Every Angle creates transparency and understanding across value chains of varying levels of complexity, able to analyze and report on the flow of physical, financial and service items.

Contains unique insights for SAP

Contains hundreds of unique added insights, calculations and fields

Every Angle is a total business analytics system that contains a series of advanced analytics calculations that enrich your data and create new cross-process connections where none previously existed. These connections allow Every Angle to highlight performance risks and opportunities that empower the business with new insights. Insights that improve customer service, increase productivity, reduce costs and working capital, identify and eliminate risks and release cash. Insights that are not available from SAP or any other business reporting tool.

Integration with SAP HANA

Plug and Play integration with
any SAP-ERP DB including HANA

Every Angle's live in-memory capability has always provided answers at the speed of questions. No need to build data sets or info cubes. Now we have taken this further with our Certified HANA integration capability. Every Angle + HANA is a relationship made in heaven. Whether you are extracting data from HANA to Every Angle, or importing Every Angle's insight and intelligence into HANA, no IT ecosystem is complete without the power
of Every Angle.

Those who can extract real insights will win.

A unique product that provides unique insight;
insight that drives action.

"Once you have standardized SAP, Every Angle can be used worldwide; one set of Angles can be used on 15 SAP systems in 15 countries"

Alan Perry -International Senior Project Manager, HELLA


“Without Every Angle, our SAP project would have been considerably more complex and more drawn-out.”

Rudy Boogaard - VP Central Operations Europe, Tommy Hilfiger


“Every Angle is a nice tool to make sure that people don’t only hear weekly what their performance was, but also have the tool to monitor
their performance on a daily basis.”

Erik Brouwer - Director of Supply Chain Management in NW. Europe, Perfetti van Melle



"Staff members now have a more accurate and up to date view of the achieved performance of HNS"

Anton de Romijn Strategic Supply Chain Analyst, Heineken Netherlands 



"Data reliability and stock management
have improved considerably”

Ruud van der Burg - Maintenance Engineer, Vrumona


"Every Angle is so much simpler than the BI tools I’ve used in the past, and it has built in analytics to help the business understand the bottlenecks, service levels, projected late orders, etc. This will be very powerful for our business!”

Angela Hauth - Supply Chain Planning Lead, Cargill