During BARC conference on April 17 - 19 in Würzburg Festung Marienberg in Würzburg (Germany), Every Angle will show its presence and host a presentation.

On Wednesday April 18, at 12.30 Every Angle will host a presentation:

Get in Control of your SAP Data: Operational Performance Management auf Basis von SAP by Richard den Ouden, Director at Every Angle.

The BARC conference “Business Intelligence with SAP – reporting, and analysis and data management tools for SAP ERP and BW in comparison” is the two-day event conducted in Wurzburg. In the parallel trade exhibition taking place, you can have further discussions with vendors, analysts and other customers, or use the breaks for further demonstrations of the products. Not organized as a great show but as a conference, the BARC meeting, a location and time-compressed decision-making tool allows for the evaluation of software products for Business Intelligence with SAP.

For more information: http://www.barc.de/de/veranstaltungen/business-intelligence-mit-sap.html