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Control Towers: Why you need to be able to control the planes in the air

Posted on: 23-02-2017 10:47:07761


The need for operational control is becoming more important than ever in today’s 24/7 world. People need to get quick answers to their ad-hoc questions to be able to make better decisions in full view of the opportunity costs involved, allowing them to ensure their actions support the strategic and financial goals of the business.

So, what can we do? In today’s world, agility, flexibility and empowerment are the order of the day – business users need real-time visibility and insight into operational activities taking place in their supply chains, not nice looking lag reports or visualizations of historical data.

In order to achieve this, users need the ability to understand and control the flow of materials, cash and information. The ability to control supply to ensure things happen when they should, customers are delighted and waste is kept to a minimum. To achieve this, everyone in the value chain must have access to, and be working from, the same, single version of the truth.

This realization has led to an explosion of interest in self-service analytics. Developing self-service cross-process capabilities have therefore gone from a nice to have to a necessity. Users need to be empowered with the capability to analyze data, ask it questions, determine root causes, investigate alternatives and understand their impact and opportunity costs – all to derive insights that drive action.

Cross-process Control Towers

This realization led to us developing a series of cross-process Control Towers to show how Every Angle can be used to provide not only clear analysis of past performance, but also insight into the various processes that contribute to the outcomes in a timescale that allows for action. A cockpit that allows you to determine the impact of issues and can quickly understand causation as well as correlation. And your team can answer their own questions when they arise because they can predict and prevent – using the self-service power of our action lists – instead of only measure and report.

Every Angle’s Control Towers could be installed in your system in less than a week:

  • Reliability Control Tower – is your supply chain delivering the optimal level of delivery reliability to your customers? Are your suppliers reliable? Do you move product reliably? Is production reliable? Picking? Shipping?
  • Responsiveness Control Tower – how long does it take to fulfil customer orders? Where are the bottlenecks? Which suppliers are constantly slow or late? What step in the chain delays the process?
  • Inventory Control Tower – do we have the right amount of stock? Which stock are we constantly short of? Which items do we have that we don’t need or are not moving? What is the projected stock level by value?
  • Waste Control Tower – where do we waste money, time and inventory? Where is cash trapped, lost or simply wasted in the supply chain? What is the reason for this?
  • Data Control Tower – how accurate is our material, customer and vendor master data? Do we have data integrity issues between what is on the master record and what is on the transaction? Are orders processed in a timely manner? How much stock is tied up by polluted orders?
  • Governance and Risk Control Tower – are we in control of operations? Are processes being adhered to? Are we compliant to required Segregation of Duty rules? Do we have any missing credit limits?

To see an example of the control towers click here. For more information download our brochure or contact us at

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