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Every Angle announces R2017: the power to know even more, the freedom to act even faster!

Posted on: 21-02-2017 16:47:17771


We are pleased to announce the release of R2017, the latest version of our unique business self-service analytics software solution for companies that use SAP.

R2017 is the result of many years of development working on updating and improving the core logic of Every Angle, enhancing and stabilizing it so that we can unleash new insights both now and in the future.

R2017 contains the following enhancements:

  • Fully understands and supports SAP’s new Industry Solution for the clothing industry: FMS – Fashion Management Solution.
  • Contains enhanced logic that understands complicated business scenarios in SAP that do not follower normal business flows. These include processes such as intercompany sales, the sale of non-stock items such as services and processes like Milestone Billing.
  • Provides new functionality such as enhanced Supply / Demand matching logic, new bottleneck types, enhanced shelf life management and control of planning materials.
  • New functionality to understand and report on the status between purchasing and sales orders and their preceding contracts, schedule agreements or outline agreements.
  • Contains an all new control system for the Every Angle administrators, enabling greatly enhanced monitoring and control of Every Angle usage, insight in authorization setup and statistics on the refresh performance.
  • A multitude of technical and performance related enhancements to reduce processing time.

Want to know more about the enhanced functionalities, functional improvements, new fields and the new Every Angle IT Administration Capabilities? Read all about it here.


Transform SAP data into real self-service insight

R2017 further expands Every Angle’s significant capabilities in analyzing and reporting on SAP, providing levels of insight unique to the market.

Empowering business users with data discovery and self-service analytics is the #1 task for many CIO’s, rapidly replacing traditional BI solutions. If you use SAP and haven’t yet experienced the power of Every Angle, then in 5 days we cannot only show you our powerful self-service analytical capability on your data, but also immediately highlight the potential savings in time, resources and wasted inventory and lost sales Every Angle could provide.

If you use SAP and need to show how self-service technology can deliver value to the business, then you need Every Angle.


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