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Every Angle Fields: Order Type Dependent Order

Posted on: 27-07-2016 09:51:53467


Every Angle includes many unique fields which require specialist knowledge of SAP. Here we briefly examine one of the fields included within our software: Order Type Dependent Order.

This is the order type of the directly (single level) dependent order. Every Angle calculates this field across all delivering orders (stock, planned orders, purchase orders, purchase requisitions, production orders). This field indicates what the type of requirement is that the delivering order is fulfilling. When an order has multiple dependent orders with different order types, Every Angle determines the order type with the highest priority. The possible order types dependent orders in descending order of priority are:

  • Sales document schedule line
  • Reservation / dependent requirement
  • Purchase document schedule line (in case of stock transfer issue)
  • Purchase requisition (in case of stock transfer issue)
  • Independent requirement
  • Forecast requirement
  • None (order has no dependent orders)

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