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Quick Tip: Third Party Sales Order Check

Posted on: 22-07-2016 11:30:16462

Customer orders that are internally recognized as third party sales requests should generate a corresponding purchase order with the required vendor. In most cases, this vendor will then make and deliver these goods directly to the customer; this is known as a direct ship or drop ship.

Any open third party sales orders without a purchase requisition or purchase order in the ‘Order type delivering orders’ field requires immediate investigation to ensure goods can be received in an efficient, timely manner. Sales orders without this information are not currently covered by a vendor purchase order.

In the example shown below, one of the sales order highlighted as critical has no purchasing documents recorded. This means the customer order is currently expected to be delivered late because a corresponding order has not been raised with the vendor. Users can obtain a daily action list which highlights these orders by adding a ‘no value’ filter on the ‘Order type delivering’ orders column.


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