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Quick Tip: Purchase Requisitions and Purchase Order Compliance

Posted on: 19-07-2016 16:45:48590

Inconsistencies between purchase requisition (PR) and purchase order (PO) documents can manifest themselves as multiple problems for organizations further down the line. For example, if the quantities do not match or the date the PO was created is later than that on the purchase requisition, then this will result in a delay for the customer. Materials simply won’t match demand.

Every Angle includes a pre-built report template, an ‘Angle’, which can quickly identify these type of issues by checking the relationships between purchase requisitions and purchase orders. Real self-service business analytics. Users can easily compare items such as quantity, the order due date for the purchase requisition, and the purchase order creation date. Every Angle is able to then automatically calculate the delivery reliability of the purchase requisition; presenting itself as a traffic light signal to show whether the order is expected to be delivered on time, early or late.


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In this example we highlight two potential scenarios whereby users can use this type of intelligence to resolve issues before they materialize. Moving from left to right, the first example shows a discrepancy between quantities. In this incidence the PR request exceeds the quantities shown in the PO. This order is expected to be delivered early but informs users that five order units could be freed to potentially fulfill other orders. In the second example more immediate action is required as the order is anticipated to be delivered late. The order due date is significantly earlier than that listed on the PO. If this organization is going to satisfy this particulate customer’s order, then they will need to expedite and resolve these issues. This gives the organization the chance to rectify the issue before the customer even notices.

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