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The Future of Supply Chain Management: Our new eBook

Posted on: 2016-07-13 17:04:00


The future of the supply chain involves taking risks, investing in technology and recruiting the right people. Unfortunately, the status quo for large global enterprises has resulted in many supply chains becoming stagnated and fearful of such change. As McKinsey & Company state:

“Many global supply chains are not equipped to cope with the world we are entering”.

How can companies succeed in this new technologically-driven reality?

The first step is to ensure visibility across the supply chain. Enabling companies to use prescriptive analytics to enable them to have the foresight to respond and mitigate issues before they occur.

Secondly, data on demand is the crucial lifeblood of the future supply chain. Accurate and timely data can enable greater supply chain resilience, bigger efficiency gains and the ability to respond before your competitors do.

In order to achieve these gains, data visibility must be twinned with tech-savvy recruits. Companies need to create development programmes that will up-skills from within and inspire the supply chain managers of the future.

Pioneering companies like Graze and Tesla Motors are leading the way with their data-driven innovations. In order to keep up with them established organizations must now do the same.

Every business is now a digital business, and every business needs to transform to behave like one. The future supply chain is visible, resilient and ultimately data-driven. Is yours ready for this transformation?

For more information, download our free eBook The Future of Supply Chain Management from our website. The download includes a printable checklist to validate your existing supply chain.

Larry O'Brien

UK&I, VP of Sales

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