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The New Kids on the Supply Chain Block...

Posted on: 2016-09-05 13:34:15


For those that work in or contribute to the overall success of the supply chain, there is no doubt that at some point in time you’d have stumbled across the brilliant Supply Chain Brain website. We were therefore delighted to find that Larry O’Brien, UK&I VP of Sales, recently had his own article, ‘The New Kids on the Supply Chain Block’, feature on their website.

The article provides further commentary and acts as a continuation to Larry’s newly published eBook; ‘The Future of Supply Chain Management’. Like with the eBook, the article starts by introducing the notion that the manufacturing industry is entering a new era; an era where the supply chain is no longer viewed as an unfortunate necessity but an integral source for new competitive advantage. Don’t worry, this isn’t another blue-sky thinking piece about Big Data. The bulk of the article focusses on those that have embraced supply chain risk and employed new technologies in order to build new future-proof business models.

Read the article in full to learn how the likes of Tesla, Faraday Future and Local Motors are turning the automotive industry upside down and challenging established players with their unique, flexible take on supply chain business models.

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