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The self-service struggle for IT

Posted on: 04-04-2017 10:11:20616


As the pace of change quickens in businesses, so does the pressure on IT to provide more than just reports. Businesses need more than big data; they need big answers. A recent report published by Research and Markets, shows that the global self-service business intelligence market will grow from $3.6 billion in 2016 to $7.3 billion by 2021, at a CAGR of 15.2%.

Given the onslaught of data every company now has to deal with, it is no surprise that IT departments from companies from industries ranging from telecommunications to retail, and energy to manufacturing are increasingly interested in bringing advanced BI and analytics techniques to allow the business users to do their own data discovery.

The trouble is, 90 per cent of all critical business questions that need answers are ad-hoc, arising from unpredictable events that occur daily throughout the business, resulting in IT being swamped with requests for easier access to key decision-making information. This obviously costs IT departments big in terms of time, resources and money. The development of self-service analytics was supposed to provide the answer to this – but it hasn’t.

According to a Business Application Research Center (BARC) survey of 2,800 BI professionals, SSBI ranks in the top three issues among the top Business Intelligence trends in 2017. While most self-service solutions do allow business users to create their own reports and dashboards, it still requires a significant amount of IT time to design, curate, stage, test and maintain the dataset. Plus, the business users are constrained to that pre-defined dataset.

It’s therefore key to take some strain off of IT when it comes to satisfying a steadily growing demand from departmental end users for faster changes and new developments to meet their Business Intelligence needs. In that environment, it makes sense to enable business users to build or design their own queries, reports, interfaces or even data models, the researchers explain. “Data discovery and visualization as well as predictive analytics are among the typical functions users want to consume in a self-service mode,” the report notes.

A solution to this issue for IT is a ‘real’ business users self-service. ‘Real’ stands for more than just reporting, it stands for understanding the data and the ability to customize it, understanding the connections between processes and understanding the master and transactional data setup.

‘Real’ because it allows business users to create their own analysis without:

  • Specialized help from data analysts or IT
  • Significant implementation effort
  • A new dataset to be developed
  • Data curation or staging
  • Constant IT support and maintenance

It’s Every Angle that provides this ‘real’ business user self-service. Every Angle empowers business users with easy, engaging and empowering analytical tools that provide new insights, cross-process intelligence and added pre-calculated fields designed to provide answers to critical business questions, highlight exceptions, identify root causes and generally provide insights on open items that can be acted on immediately.

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