We reduced stock considerably and we have more insight into the operational processes from the quotation to the delivery.Peter de Leeuw, Supply Chain Manager

Every Angle

Every Angle is an out-of-the-box, self-service application for SAP-run businesses. It makes Business Analytics easy by enabling users to easily access and analyze data content from SAP.

Every Angle's value to several Industries

The Every Angle software is designed by SAP experts and is engineered with in-depth knowledge of operational processes. SAP has developed certain Industry Solutions in order to cater to the specific needs of individual industries. Every Angle focuses on these different industries and builds intelligence of that vertically into its software solution.

Whether you work in the Wholesale or Retail industry, Consumer products, Discrete Manufacturing or Processes & Chemicals industry, or your company meets the Fashion, Pharma, Utilities or Automotive Industry criteria, Every Angle's self-service BI application supports the entire company operationally along all the major business processes that are critical to your particular industry.

SAP is masterful at storing and classifying massive amounts of data, however it is quite a challenge for business users to access the precise data needed for operational decision-making. Every Angle provides business users with transparency into the supply chain, resulting in self-service, end-to-end visibility.


By providing users with insight into all processes along the supply chain, Every Angle provides granular visibility which is critical to all industries. The out-of-the-box solution connects supply and demand which enables users to make active decisions based on accurate data and avoid future bottlenecks..

This results in:

  • Improving service levels without increasing stock levels;
  • Reducing costs while increasing sales;
  • Great reporting tool;
  • Better control of master data and transaction data;
  • Better control over production processes;
  • Avoid future bottlenecks;
  • Improve customer satisfaction and improve margins.

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