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I’m able to quickly investigate the problem. In addition it allows me to see if a suspicion I have is right or wrongNiek Vaessen, General Manager of Supply Chain Management & Information Technology, Bridgestone

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What are the Use Cases for the Automotive Industry?

The Automotive Industry is a complex industry, partly due to continuous innovation programs, which causes Automotive Manufacturers to deal with: 

  • High volumes of production orders;
  • Complex product scheduling and delivery tracking;
  • Multi-level bills of materials and high numbers of SKUs;
  • Engineering changes;
  • Supplier backlogs and component shortages.

Benefits to the Automotive Industry

Through the use of Every Angle, manufacturers in the Automotive Industry are able to:

  • Gain clear insight into their processes;
  • Manage master data accuracy;
  • Increase speed in responding to supplier delays and customer demands;
  • Synchronize manufacturing processes;
  • Activate lean & JIT concepts;
  • Obtain overview of possible bottlenecks (parts availability and critical parts);
  • Empower effective decisions in order to avoid component shortage, production delays and late sales orders.

Business Value

The unparalleled insight into supply chain elements that Every Angle provides to the Automotive Industry delivers:

  • Improvement in capacity planning;
  • Control over master data;
  • Reduction of excess stocks (components, semi-finished products and products); working capital and operational cost;
  • Better control over the production process.

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