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I had only about 45 minutes of training and I use Every Angle quite extensively even as a senior person in the organisation. Because of its ease of use it is used right across the organisation.Hizmy Hassen, Supply Chain Director, Coats

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Every Angle’s value to the Discrete Manufacturing Industry?

Every Angle’s out-of-the box solution has helped a large number of Discrete Manufacturing firms, who run SAP, achieve full supply chain visibility. We understand that, in a high transactional environment with millions of SKUs, transaction control is critical. Every Angle uses cross-process intelligence, meaning it reads from your current SAP data and creates relationships between:

  • Purchasing;
  • Component requirements;
  • Planned and production orders;
  • Stocks and finished product demand (sales orders + forecast).

Benefits to the Discrete Manufacturing Industry

Through using Every Angle, discrete manufacturers can obtain:

  • Clear overviews of parts availability and critical parts;
  • Warnings of possible future bottlenecks;
  • Close monitoring of the product life cycle; 
  • The ability to anticipate changes in the production process, enabling business users to make active decisions based on accurate data.

Business Value

The unparalleled insight in supply chain elements which Every Angle provides: 

  • Improvement in capacity planning;
  • Increased forecast accuracy;
  • Ability to manage data accuracy;
  • Reduction of stock (component, semi-finished product and product) and working capital;
  • Control over production processes.

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