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Without Every Angle, our SAP project would have been considerably more complex and more drawn-out.Rudy Boogaard, VP Central Operations Europe, Tommy Hilfiger

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What are the Use Cases for the Fashion Industry?

In order to keep up with consumer demand for their fashions, many of the world’s leading international brands are running either SAP Retail or SAP AFS (Apparel and Footwear Solution.) In many cases, leading fashion manufacturers are running both solutions together.

Every Angle is compatible with SAP AFS; catering to different styles, sizes, colors and other grid requirements. Organizations that use AFS implemented Every Angle to:

  • Obtain end-to-end supply chain visibility (supply chain based on forecasting); 
  • Achieve excellence in specific KPIs, such as DSO;
  • Match purchase orders to sales orders easily;
  • Support their dedicated processes such as fixed allocation.

Benefits to the Fashion Industry

While using Every Angle, the Fashion Industry is able to obtain:

  • The SAP AFS logic in order to effectively analyze purchase-to-pay (SAP MM) and order-to-cash (SAP SD) processes, including the GRID logic;
  • Stock analyses (over-planned, shortages);
  • Planning analyses (reschedule-in and reschedule-out);
  • Reduction of transport cost (improve choice of transport mode);
  • Supplier reliability and service level analyses;
  • Improves fulfillment of customer demands;
  • Easier and faster access to SAP data;
  • More transparency and visibility in the SAP data structure;
  • Better bottleneck detection in the supply chain;
  • Great master data checks;
  • Ready-made calculations to create smart analyses.

Business Value

Every Angle’s AFS customers report quick ROI by:

  • Increasing customer service levels i.e. by minimizing late orders;
  • Lowering transportation costs i.e. by significantly reducing air freight;
  • Better managing forecasts;
  • Improving master data quality;
  • Saving IT cost in respect to creating operational reports;
  • Increasing the bottom-line profits of the organization.

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