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What are the Use Cases for the Non-Food Consumer Products Industry?

Organizations in the Non-Food Consumer Products Industry are under constant pressure from the market to deliver on service levels to retailers while offering competitive pricing. In order to improve their market position, firms in this industry must:

  • Improve new product innovation;
  • Constantly improve integration of sales and marketing processes;
  • Optimize operational efficiency in the supply chain.

Benefits to the Non-Food Consumer Products Industry

Every Angle has a proven record of providing many organizations with full supply chain visibility and also creates relationships between:

  • Purchasing;
  • Component requirements;
  • Planned and production orders;
  • Stocks and finished product demand (sales orders + forecast).

The insight and transparency has provided organizations with:

  • Transaction control;
  • Insight into possible (future) bottlenecks;
  • Overview of e.g. critical orders or purchase orders.

Business Value

The full supply chain visibility that Every Angle provides to the Non-Food Consumer Products Industry enables organizations to:

  • Increase service levels for customers;
  • Reduce costs in warehouse and/or transport;
  • Achieve granular insight into supply chain elements;
  • Get better control over production process;
  • Increase of data quality in master as well as transactional data.

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