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What are the Use Cases for the Pharma Industry?

Globalization has led to volatility in the Pharma Industry. Therefore, supply chain transparency, batch traceability and quality control are essential in order to manage and mitigate risks in the supply chain. Pharmaceutical companies are dealing with substantial inventory risks, such as:

  • Obsolescence risk caused by;
    • shelf life expiration,
    • changing government regulations,
    • unbalanced supply chain.
  • High levels of working capital required to operate;
  • Out-of-stock risk, due to;
    • global market changes,
    • rigid customer demands. 

Benefits to the Pharma Industry

The management burden the Pharma Industry is facing puts a strain on IT, resulting in a rigid system and high cost due to the IT validation system.
Every Angle is able to provide Pharma with:

  • Clear overview of operations;
  • Self-service end-to-end supply chain visibility;
  • Flexibility and agility to respond to market changes, without jeopardizing IT validation, yet guaranteeing delivery reliability.

Business Value

The clear insight into and overview of the supply chain, enables the Pharma Industry to obtain:

  • Lower stock levels;
  • Increased service levels;
  • Faster respond time in accordance with late nationalization;
  • Reduction of IT cost;
  • Better stock management;
  • Maintaining IT validation;
  • Responsive supply networks.

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