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Every Angle has made a tool that is very very simple to use and has an easy to understand data model behind it.Johan Neuteboom at DSM

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What are the Use Cases for the Processes and Chemicals Industry?

Since end-products are batched in the Process and Chemicals Industry, close monitoring of capacity planning, formulation, batch classification and quality control is crucial. The sheer nature of the products, combined with tracking and tracing of batches, place demands on companies and they need:

  • Supply chain transparency;
  • Clear insight into production process;
  • Overview of forecasted and sales order demand;
  • Visibility in availability of raw materials and semi-finished products
  • Bottleneck detection.

Benefits to the Processes and Chemicals Industry

Through using Every Angle, process and chemicals manufacturers can avoid:

  • Stagnation in production process, such as; breakdown of machinery, lack of raw materials or semi-finished products and product changeovers;
  • Quality issues;
  • Excess production errors.

Business Value

The unparalleled insight into supply chain elements that Every Angle provides delivers:

  • Improvement of utilization / capacity which leads to cost reductions combined with increased plant productivity;
  • Better allocation of batches and packaged products;
  • Reduction of high stock levels;
  • Higher service levels;
  • Better management of batches;
  • Reduced rate of age rejections, waste and downgrades;
  • Cost reductions;
  • Increased profitability.

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