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Without Every Angle, our SAP project would have been considerably more complex and more drawn-out.Rudy Boogaard, VP Central Operations Europe, Tommy Hilfiger

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What are the Use Cases for the Retail Industry?

The Retail Industry requires an ERP system to support the complete value chain, from purchasing down to the store business. SAP developed a unique Retail ERP business application for this industry and, through using Every Angle in combination with SAP, retail organizations can obtain:

  • Better insight into input fields such as: reference articles, delivery statuses and generic and variant articles;
  • Clear understanding of daily deliveries and available stock on retail level;
  • Necessary information, on site level, to get control over daily operations. 

Benefits to the Retail Industry

While using Every Angle, the Retail Industry is able to map to:

  • The SAP Retail logic and its respective processes such as store replenishment or open-to-buy;
  • The SAP Retail specific master data;
  • Stock analyses: excess stocks, out-of-stocks, obsolete stock;
  • Planning analyses (priorities based on out-of-stock and contract/purchase orders for inactive articles);
  • Supplier reliability and service level analyses;
  • Easier and faster access to SAP data;
  • More transparency and visibility in the SAP data structure;
  • Better bottleneck detection in the supply chain;
  • Ready-made calculations to create smart analyses.

Business Value

Our SAP Retail customers report quick ROI by:

  • Reduction of returns;
  • Improving service levels i.e. by getting transparency on open orders;
  • Lowering transportation costs;
  • Better management of forecasts;
  • Increased ability to monitor customer service and manage channels;
  • Improving master data quality;
  • Saving IT cost in respect to creating operational reports;
  • Increased profitability.

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