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We can now report on our consolidated European sales in 5 minutes rather than 5 days.Ron van Osenbruggen, European SAP Support Manager, Konica Minolta Medical Europe

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What are the Use Cases for the Wholesale Industry?

The key to success in the Wholesale Industry lies in anticipating and optimizing the timing of customer demand. However, market forces, such as globalization, economy, technology, competition and government legislation put more pressure on this industry. In order for Wholesalers to secure their bottom line and be effective they have to:

  • Reduce cost;
  • Closely monitor market changes;
  • Manage shorter lead time;
  • Fulfill customer demands;
  • Deal with customer shopping alternatives.

Benefits to the Wholesale Industry

While using Every Angle, the Wholesale Industry is able to obtain:

  • Great insight into the processes along the supply chain;
  • Visibility to the respective (inter-)dependencies, such as;
    • Customer demand,
    • Procure-to-pay,
    • Stock levels,
    • Finances.

By using Every Angle organizations in the Wholesale Industry are also able to:

  • Provide value to customers and vendors;
  • Diversify from competition;
  • Elevate profitability and sustainability.

Business Value

  • Improve service levels without increasing stock levels;
  • Maintain accurate assortment control;
  • Increase revenue (value added services and accurate assortment control);
  • Optimize vendor performance (reliability and cost);
  • Avoid future bottlenecks (out-of-stock situations);
  • Improve customer satisfaction (and loyalty) and improve margins.

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