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IT has a tough time. It has to balance providing a continuity of IT services with keeping up with the latest technologies. Business needs keep getting more demanding due to increasing levels of customer and market expectations, while technology is changing at an exponential rate. However, in this race to keep up, often the basic foundations are not laid, and systems lose their value through poor data, lack of understanding and a mismatch between requirements and capabilities.

Give yourself both a break and a bonus with Every Angle. Provide a solution to the thirst for access to real business insight and intelligence, while also relieving yourself of the burden of providing this insight and the corresponding data and change management overhead. Enable business users to answer their own ad-hoc questions by providing new levels of near real-time cross-process insight to the business, while freeing your resources to work on more strategic initiatives.

Real self-service actionable insight for the business; improved data and risk management and increased resource availability for you.

Reduce Maintenance Costs

  • EA’s operational analytics adapts automatically to any changes in SAP configuration, and updates data accordingly
  • Reduce support and maintenance costs
  • A minimizes the maintenance overhead - no need for IT to keep having to ‘add’ fields, create calculations, amend reports – real self-service.

Free IT resources

  • No more responding to numerous requests, writing technical specs and managing off-shore development for simple reports
  • No need for IT to prepare, curate or manage a separate reporting data set
  • Save IT resources from being involved in another software implementation

Reduce Risk

  • Dramatically reduce the number of off-SAP downloads and ABAP queries
  • Remove the risk of having multiple versions of the truth in circulation
  • Dramatically improve master and transactional data quality through increasing user understanding of its impact

Reduce the time to value

  • Immediately start delivering value – not after an expensive implementation project
  • Find out if you have the right information in one day – not after 6 days, weeks or months of development
  • Reduce the risk of undertaking long BW / BI projects that when presented contain incorrect data or calculations

Show your worth. Free your time. Help the business

90 per cent of all business questions are ad-hoc, arising as a result of recent events. Providing the answers to these questions has always been the domain of IT. As the pace of change quickens, so does the pressure on IT to provide more than just transactional recording devices. In the world of big data the business wants big answers – and IT is tasked with providing them.

This doesn’t come without a cost – in time, resources and money. Self-service analytics was supposed to prove the answer to this, but even though it allows the user to create their own reports, the data set still needs curating, staging, testing and maintaining. Effort that once again falls on the shoulders of IT.

Every Angle cuts right through this challenge by providing ‘real’ business user self-service; real because it understands SAP data and the configuration behind it. Understands the connections between processes. Understands the master and transactional data setup. As a result of this, Every Angle doesn’t require a dataset to be developed by IT. Doesn’t require constant maintenance. Doesn’t require curating and staging. It also empowers business users with easy, engaging and empowering tools that enlightens them with new insights, added fields that simplify the complexity of SAP and encourage users to maintain their data in SAP.

It reduces the amount of downloads into Excel, thereby reducing the amount of effort users undertake whilst simultaneously reducing business risks caused by multiple versions of the truth. Better still, companies that user Every Angle report a significant improvement in user satisfaction in SAP – which translates to a better perception of the value IT delivers.

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