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Too many companies focus on the physical supply chain, but underappreciate the value of the information and financial ones. Finance teams are now seen as much more strategic. Having access to financial insights such as the current cashflow, costs-to-serve and working capital situation enables businesses to make smarter commercial and supply chain decisions.

Every Angle’s unique ability to take SAP data and transform it in actionable insight means that the flow of financial data from the value chain not only becomes reportable – it becomes available for near-real time analysis. This empowers financial teams with the capability to ensure that business decisions are made that increase the long term net profitability and liquidity of the business – not just blindly react to short term events.

Understand, Control and Improve the financial supply chain with Every Angle.

Actionable Insight

  • Unique working capital insight, providing visibility of the cost of unneeded inventory.
  • Inbuilt DSO, DPO and payment term realization calculations, enabling a clear analysis of payment behavior
  • Ability to combine and analyze financial data from across the supply chain


  • Complete transparency of the order-to-cash and procure-to-pay financial processes
  • Highlight financial risks such as unauthorized payments and purchases without reference
  • Cost-to-serve information through ability to analyze costs across the supply chain


  • Identify unnecessary stock value and incoming PO value
  • The payment of discounts to customers
  • The accuracy of financial master data


  • Reduce the number of aged debts and credit exposure risks
  • Reduce the amount of unneeded working capital, freeing cash
  • Improve the cash-to-cash cycle time, making more funds available for future investments


Every Angle unique cross-process analytical capability takes your financial insight to another level. Do much more than just report on your finances – proactively analyze them in order to understand and control financial risks and seize opportunities as they occur.

Every Angle comes pre-loaded with a series of out-of-the-box General Ledger and Sub-Ledger Accounting templates, that provide insights into any manual G/L, unsettled GR/IR, parked and unsettled postings. It also creates total AP / AR visibility, allowing for the prompt and correct payment of suppliers and the management of debtors. It also provides transparency into the company’s balance sheet, income statement, cost statement and sales margins. There are also a series of governance and risk analytics that allow users to self-monitor the business for any process and data non-conformance issues, creating an active ‘continuous control monitoring / internal audit’ role that just might make the CFO sleep a little more soundly at night!

Every Angle puts the power of financial insight into the hands of the team that’s needs it.

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