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Continuous Control Monitoring with Every Angle

It’s a volatile time to be in business. Not only is there ever increasing pressure on people, processes and profit caused by constant technological disruption, but we are also now living in a world of ever increasing risk, legislation and regulation. Every Angle’s actionable insight has long helped companies to understand the root causes of issues and bottlenecks in service, as well as driving dramatic improvements in data quality.

Now, with the release of its GRC (Governance, Risk and Compliance) module, Every Angle is also able to continuously monitor Purchase to Pay, Order to Cash and Financial transactions in order to control risks. Pre-loaded with 71 ready-to-use analytics EA4GRC supports the process of creating compliance statements, empowering users in audit or finance with a defense against process and data non-conformance. This provides businesses with constant security and continuous control that supports best practice guidelines within any company’s Risk and Control framework.

Increased Efficiency

  • Automates manual effort involved in the collecting, analyzing and interpreting of data
  • Contains 71 predefined analytics out-of-the-box that are based on 10+ years of experience
  • Allows business to focus on root cause analysis and exception management

Increased Effectiveness

  • Provides analysis of impact of exceptions, enabling prioritization based on risk
  • Enables better decision making based on visualizations (e.g. trend lines)
  • Ability to filter or sort exceptions based on thresholds or severity ratings

Increased Quality

  • Allows users to inspect all data to detect exceptions, instead of simply taking samples from the data
  • Less chance on manual errors because of the high level of automation
  • Standard exception reporting means the chance of data misinterpretation is reduced

Higher Frequency

  • Exceptions can be detected and resolved in near real-time, reducing the need for post-event corrective actions
  • Clearly defined and iterative process to allow the business to continually monitor compliance and catch exceptions on pre-defined intervals

How EA4GRC helps departments to

EA4GRC easily provides auditors, internal control departments or finance with the capability to provide the level of continuous control processes typically desired within a well thought out and defined Risk and Control framework. This dramatically reduces the time and effort need to complete audits, and provides assurance that there are no nasty surprises lurking within the detail of the day-to-day business.

Every Angle for GRC provides support and analysis in the following areas:

  • Daily process control monitoring
  • Preparing for annual audits
  • Risk analysis across Purchase to Pay, Order to Cash and Finance, including:
    • Master data risks, such as which active customers do not have a credit limit?
    • Transactional risks, such as what is the credit note versus invoice ratio? Which POs were created after invoice receipt? Which postings were made after period end?
    • Process conformance risks, such as monitoring for actual breaches of segregation of duties, such as checking whether the same person changed the vendor’s bank account and entered the invoice?
  • Root cause analysis on exceptions

EA4GRC: continuous control on your daily activities. Allowing you to identify and resolve any non-conformance issues and compliance risks, not the external auditors.

EA4GRC ensures continuous process control...

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