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Customers – who’d have them? Always moaning, always demanding, always wanting more. However, they also happen to be the root cause of all your revenue – so why not delight them by doing all you can to ensure that you deliver what they need, on-time, every time.

The demand management process in SAP is a complicated one, involving enquiries, quotes, sales orders, schedule lines, deliveries, shipments, invoices etc, etc, etc. No wonder so much can go wrong! In order to manage the pipeline from customer to cash to need more than just a reporting tool that tells you what you failed to deliver – you need insight into potential issues that your team can act on. Insight that quickly and clearly shows where you have order delays, blockages, shortfalls, part-shipments and backorders – oh, and the reason why they are this way.

Every Angle delivers near real-time visibility and insights into the entire Order to Cash process – not just a post failure report.

Actionable Insight

  • Understands the unique configuration of your SAP sales and distribution data
  • Unique levels of supply chain insight that can show whether there is sufficient supply to meet the demand – and if not, why not
  • Instantly highlight the execution status of orders and any bottlenecks, critical orders, delays, shortages and data pollution affecting their completion


  • Instant overviews on a sales order’s status, and delays and potential service level – all from one screen
  • No more confusion due to partial deliveries, no more wondering why an order fails ATP
  • See immediately whether orders are delivered from stock or from future production or purchasing
  • Free stock that is being held by old or unneeded sales orders – immediately improving service


  • Highlight any potential service issues before they happen – allowing for proactive demand management
  • Let your customers know you are in complete control of the entire outbound process
  • Reduce the number of blocked orders by highlighting why they are blocked – and for how long


  • Watch as customer service levels dramatically improve, saving difficult conversations later
  • Increase profits by reducing the number of follow on deliveries and invoice discrepancies
  • Free sales and customer service to focus on delighting customers – not explaining delays and missing items

Helping customer service and logistics to

Insight at your fingertips – that’s the promise here. Real business self-service that allows customer service to understand quickly and easily whether they have a problem with meeting the demand from customers, and why. This allows for proactive demand management, freeing time later down the process and ensuring the logistics and accounts receivable have less problems to resolve due to issues that occurred in the order process.

From credit blocks to stock shortages, production delays to missing data – Every Angle puts the power of actionable insight in the hands of the teams who can make a difference to your customers. No more downloading data or creating complicated spreadsheets. No waiting till the end of the week to measure service. No more complicated split deliveries and backorder reports to translate. No more confusion.

Just pure insight when you need it

Real insight into the order to cash process...

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