Make Every Supplier a High Performer.

Right products, right time, right price.

Sourcing. Buying stuff. Sounds easy right? Not so fast. Not only are CPO’s under continual pressure to reduce the costs of supply, but they also have to react to the ever changing nature of demand – which means ‘buying in bulk from offshore’ is no longer a strategic response – it’s actually a significant risk that could end up with a warehouse full of unneeded inventory.

Luckily for you, this is where Every Angle excels. From identifying whether you are buying things you don’t need, through to whether you are incurring additional expenditure through not buying through a contract, Every Angle provides insight and visibility into the procure to pay process. You can quickly and easily build a dashboard that provides a global overview of procurement performance, identify the root cause of supply issues, and see what purchase orders could be rescheduled, which ones could now be deleted and which ones need to be expedited.

Make procurement a central function of the value chain – get control with Every Angle.

Actionable Insight

  • Understands the unique configuration of your SAP procurement settings, Vendor Info Records, source lists etc.
  • Unique levels of supply chain insight that can show whether any supply is needed based on current demand profiles for finished goods
  • Instantly highlight the execution status of purchase orders and any bottlenecks, delays, shortages or data issues affecting their completion


  • Instant overviews on a purchase order’s status, and highlight and delays that may affect customer service – all from one screen
  • See immediately whether purchase orders are critical and should be expedited, or are just building stock or simply no longer required
  • Free stock that is being held by old or unneeded sales orders – immediately improving service


  • Take preventive measures in solving procurement bottlenecks
  • Support process governance such as ensuring payments terms and contracts are adhered to
  • Detect and cleanse data pollution around lead times etc.


  • Create a full supplier control and performance dashboard - in minutes
  • Highlight the suppliers that have the biggest impact – positive and negative - on customer service

Helping procurement to

Empower your procurement team to buy smarter and pay smarter. Every Angle provides real business self-service that allows them to negotiate, manage and control the end-to-end procurement process. Where SAP provides you with information, Every Angle presents your team with insight they can act on. This allows for proactive supplier management, providing insight to potential product shortages and over-stocks.

Every Angle gives your procurement team the capability to improve availability of purchased products, ensure that there is a relationship between product quality and price, reduce purchasing costs, greatly improve master and transactional data quality and improve the communication between purchasing and other partners in the supply chain such as planning, suppliers and finance.

Understand what you need. Control the supply. Improve the chain.

Gain real insight into the inbound supply chain...

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