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Understand, Control & Improve your Supply Chain

SAP has always been good at creating integrated business process, but not so good at creating insight and visibility from this integration. Worse, companies that fail to manage the integration soon find themselves with data that is inaccurate, and as a result cannot trust SAP to provide information they can immediately act on.

Not so with Every Angle. We provide insight, intelligence and visibility into the end-to-end supply chain, and have developed a whole series of key analytics, added fields and calculations that highlight where bottlenecks exist, where delays are likely and where critical orders are at risk. Actionable insight, that allows for intervention before the problem finds its way to the customer. Insight that allows you to understand what’s happening, as it’s happening – so you can control the supply and improve the bottom line.

Turn your supply chain into a value chain with Every Angle.

Actionable Insight

  • Hundreds of out-of-the-box analytics specifically designed for the supply chain based on 20+ years of experience
  • Unique levels of supply chain insight and intelligence ready to use via our ‘Supply and Demand Matching’ logic
  • Hundreds of added fields that highlight bottlenecks, critical orders, delays, shortages and data pollution


  • Understand where and why bottlenecks and issues arise
  • Drilldown from high level performance metrics straight down to the actual orders and items
  • Allows business to focus on root cause analysis and exception management and take action before they become an issue


  • Analyze and report on Supply Chain process conformance as well as performance
  • Highlight and resolve all master and transactional data issues affecting the supply chain
  • Control inventory levels, production throughput, logistics and customer service


  • See the value at risk from delays, bottlenecks and shortages – and why they exist
  • Improve cost to serve by highlighting stock, purchases and capacity you don’t need
  • Show clearly how the Supply Chain can improve the bottom line of the business

How Every Angle helps Supply Chain teams to

Every Angle provides supply chain teams with all of the analytical power they need to fully understand, control and improve their supply chains. From management dashboards highlighting the performance of incoming supply, inventory, production and logistics though to detailed action lists that help the team focus on the most important, Every Angle delivers.

The self-service capability of Every angle means that no longer do your people need to spend their lives requesting reports, downloading data or creating complicated spreadsheets. Now they are free to focus on making the supply chain deliver – for the business and for your customers. This results in improved data accuracy, better customer service levels as well as a reduction in costs and working capital as a result of the improvement of:

Early warning of bottlenecks

  • What are the root causes of late customer deliveries?
  • Which deviations in the plan will affect the important customers?
  • Which missing components jeopardize customer service?

Reliability of transaction data

  • Enables better decision making and planning
  • Less disruptions in planning and delivery caused by inaccurate data
  • Reduce effect and costs spent on data manipulation and correction

Reliability of master data

  • Better master data underpins better transaction data
  • Better and more reliable planning
  • Less ad-hoc correction cost

Reduce inventory levels (RM/FG)

  • Detect dead stocks sooner
  • Detect the creation of dead stock during the planning phase
  • Analyze excess stocks faster and easier

Better management reporting

  • Build-in SAP knowledge to relate customer promises and goods movements
  • Ready to use Supply Chain analytics for historic and future purposes
  • Smart algorithms to help management make better decisions on a daily basis

Creating end-to-end supply chain transparency...

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