CityTec, part of energy infrastructure provider Joulz, was only made aware of Every Angle after Joulz recently started using Every Angle. For several months now, this operational solution has been used at Joulz to their full satisfaction, and as a result Joulz has decided to implement Every Angle at CityTec and to demonstrate the full range of options it offers at an operational level. The overall enthusiasm for Every Angle proved contagious and CityTec contacted Every Angle to investigate what solutions it could offer their company.

The usual procedure is for Every Angle to give a live demo before launching a pilot project. However, in this case, the Every Angle users at Joulz had already given their CityTec colleagues a convincing demonstration. CityTec decided to contact Every Angle to find out about the best way to configure their hardware to run Every Angle. After some very constructive talks and interviews between CityTec and Every Angle, CityTec decided to start up an Every Angle pilot program.

First results with Every Angle

The technical installation of Every Angle was followed by a two-day power user training. After the training, the power users enthusiastically set to work with Every Angle. In the meantime they have managed to create their first operational reports for procurement, logistics and FiCo. Now that CityTec has implemented Every Angle, the value and capabilities of this operational solution are becoming increasingly clear. Over the next period the roll-out of Every Angle within the CityTec organization will continue and a viewing user structure will be set up.

CityTec specializes in dynamic street furniture in public spaces, which includes public lighting and traffic lights. For more information on CityTec, visit the Dutch website: