Your current reporting tool is not good enough.

Sure it’s pretty. Sure it contains loads of data. But does it understand it? Does it provide reports, or insight?
Does it highlight exceptions before they happen, or after?

If you were an air traffic controller would you be concentrating on the planes in the air - or reviewing the ones that had already landed? Do you know the impact of delays? The effect on passengers?
On their ability to make connecting flights?

Probably not, right? Would you like to?

Every Angle has cross-process visibility,
cross-process control

Understands and Simplifies the Complexity of SAP.
Inbuilt intelligence provides transparency and visibility across process boundaries.
Empowers users with the ability to see issues before they reach the customer, not after.
Provides answers in minutes, all without the need for IT assistance.

Critical business questions answered in under 3 minutes (Demo videos)

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