How does your information delivery keep track with the accelerating pace of change?

All businesses are subject to a faster changing world and people are depending on information to manage business processes and to react instantaneously on these market changes. Users do require End-to-End Process Performance Analytics, but can not act on the basis of the actual reporting environment. Why? And how do you keep track with the accelerating pace of information change?

And do you also feel the pressure to deliver BI projects more efficiently? How do you free up the time of your BI team to finish high-priority projects? Are you also wondering which technologies could improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your BI operations?

Successful businesses need agile, fast responding IT support with empowered users. The creditable CIO delivers reliable support with high functionality, using ready to use standard technology, short implementations and low support costs. What are your weapons?

The event takes place on April 28, 2011, at Salons Waerboom, Groot-Bijgaarden, where Jacques Adriaansen will be speaking from 10h30 till 11h30. Jacques has been working with Eli Goldratt for more than 8 years in the past and today, Jacques is Executive professor at the University of Antwerp Management School UAMS, Managing Director of Every Angle Belgium and Co-owner of a production company.

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