Quick Scan Every AngleIn order to be successful, a company is dependent of an excellent data quality for the core business processes. However, in reality however, many companies are suffering from bad maintained master data and polluted transactional data. As it’s often difficult and very time consuming to make sure all of the master data is correct and actual, companies need to find a way to easily analyze their business critical data. To serve the need of companies, Every Angle Software Solutions and Business Value Partner Camelot have developed the DQ (Data Quality) Quick Scan. This allows companies to get insight in their data quality in just two weeks

The DQ Quick Scan is developed to help companies that are using SAP ERP. Every Angle leverages your full potential and is making Operational Performance management (OPM) easy for businesses using SAP. Reiner Pistorius, Geschäftsführer Every Angle Deutschland GmbH: “The Quick Scan is providing companies a quick and qualified overview about the improving potential from data quality perspective, covering various business processes. Also the service indicates how to gain higher efficiency within those business processes by simply cleaning up the pollution and/or embedding a clear Master Data Governance.”

Improve operational business efficiency

The importance of a good master data quality is evident. It’s an adequate instrument to improve operational business efficiency, which is one of the main success factors of a well run company. In challenging times companies need to improve their business process efficiency. For example non harmonized, historically grown structures, multiple systems and process changes are obstacles in achieving this operational business efficiency. “We see a big potential to serve the markets in Germany, Switzerland and Austria with this DQ Quick Scan. Already the first quick scans with customers showed an enormous saving potential, which can be achieved with minor efforts. Mainly business process costs can be reduced significantly”, stated Henrik Baumeier, Head of CC Master Data Management.

Measuring, analyzing and improving

To improve the quality of master data, it’s necessary to analyze its impact. The DQ Quick Scan will help you to:

  • Understand the company individual impact of master data to transactional data in the business process
  • Find shortfalls & inconsistencies in the master data and the corresponding transactional data
  • Define measures to improve the data quality on both initial and continuous level

Quick Scan Every Angle

Due to a lack of good data quality, companies can experience several problems, such as not meeting customer expectations (SLA’s), being non compliant to legal regulations, dealing with a too low or too high stock level and experience shortfalls in payment. By allowing Every Angle and Camelot to roll out the DQ Quick Scan, companies will get insight in how their situation is from a data quality perspective. And all that in just two weeks.

Implementation of Every Angle

The combination of having both Every Angle and the DQ Quick Scan rolled out will bring many benefits to customers. Our solution, an Operational Performance Management add-on to SAP ERP is named Cool Vendor by the Worlds’ leading analyst firm Gartner. Some companies using the solution are Coca-Cola Bottling Co. Consolidated (CCBCC), Sulzer Eldim, Bridgestone, Heineken and Philips.

Want to know more about the DQ Quick Scan?

For anyone who’s interested in getting to know more about the DQ Quick Scan, please email or call to the following person:

Ralf Stiegele

Tel. +41 79 6190836

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