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Every Angle in the SAP Landscape

Every Angle is a plug and play SAP Certified application that enables business users and consultants to create operational reports, based on SAP data, in seconds. It is automatically aligned with their SAP business processes and up and running within 24 hours. Every Angle contains rich out-of-the-box content including business logic and advanced analytics:

  • Standard for SAP ERP (SD, MM, PP, PM, QM, WM, PS, FI, CO and HR)
  • Optional content for specific SAP Industry Solutions (e.g. IS-Retail and AFS)
  • Complimentarily content for other SAP systems (SRM, CRM, SCM, GTS, EWM and GRC).
The picture below positions Every Angle between the SAP Business Suite transaction system and corporate Business Intelligence systems.

In this vision, Every Angle shows the current content of a SAP system in snapshot form. During a data extraction, the data that had been previously extracted is deleted. Thus, Every Angle is NOT a data warehouse and does not replace a data warehouse or other BI-systems. In fact, Every Angle can feed the data warehouse.

Every Angle supports a company (both the business, management, SAP consultants and IT professionals) or the service providers, in order to provide instant visibility on operational processes based on the master data, transactional data and related customizing.

This way, Every Angle replaces the never-ending need for Z-reports, queries and downloads. It prevents people from spending valuable time on building their own reports in Excel and Access, based on “risky and insecure” data extracts from SAP (i.e. SE16).

For IT, Every Angle provides the following benefits:

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  • Eliminates the “jungle” of Excel reports and re-establishes control
  • Creates a self-service environment for users and reduces the backlog of requests to IT
  • Reduces the ABAP/4 and BI development effort and associated costs
  • Applies the right solution for the specific information need
  • Plug and play installation, low TCO and immediate business value
With the above, Every Angle provides business users with unmatched visibility over the way in which processes run and how their performance can be improved. Every Angle also provides functionality for IT departments and IT users. With the business application EA4IT, Every Angle provides easy analytics for users, SAP transactions and Angles of Every Angle as well as the frequency in which users execute SAP transactions and Angles of Every Angle.

Every Angle Platform

The Every Angle platform consists of three components, as the picture highlights below, namely:

  • The Every Angle Business Suite Extractor
  • The Every Angle (Model) Server
  • The Every Angle Output Alternatives

The Every Angle Extractor

The Every Angle Extractor takes either a full or delta (configurable) extraction from the relevant SAP tables. The content of the extraction is based on the business applications that the customer has licensed as well as the modules that have been activated. This extraction process can be done weekly, daily or multiple times per day. This extraction process has no impact on the SAP system performance and does not interfere with other processing that takes place. The extractor automatically interprets the master and transaction data, the SAP data dictionary and takes into account the customizing settings. The general rule/estimate is that the Every Angle extractor is between 3 and 5% of the size of the SAP database.

The Every Angle Server

Upon receiving the newly extracted data, Every Angle rebuilds the model (‘’Refresh’’). Every Angle uses configuration files outside the source code to build this model, which allows for a very rapid addition of Z-tables or Z-fields.

The Every Angle Output Alternatives

In the current architecture, the Every Angle Client is still a fat client, but will be replaced in the new architecture by a browser-based client that can be run on Tablets and Desktops.

  • Every Angle Power/Viewing User Client
  • ZEA0s
  • IPAD

The Every Angle Business Applications

The Every Angle Base Technology enables the ‘’Content’’, which is delivered and marketed as Business Applications.

SAP HANA and Every Angle

Every Angle can work with the power of SAP ECC on HANA in three ways:

Regular Extraction of ERP data from ‘ECC on HANA’

Every Angle is able to extract its data from an ECC on HANA system, either a full download or as a delta, in the same way it would extract data from a normal ECC system. Every Angle is able to manage data regardless of whether it was sourced from an ECC system that was sourced on DB2, SQLserver, Oracle or HANA. This enables Every Angle to then build its model and enhance it with the extensive amounts of new fields, added intelligence and insights, before publishing the HANA sourced data to the business users in a ‘near real-time’ format.

Data extraction from HANA / execution and publication of HANA views in the Every Angle GUI

In addition to the added insight and intelligence that is provided out-of-the-box, Every Angle can execute HANA views in real-time and present the data to the business user in the Every Angle GUI. We can also extract data directly from HANA into Every Angle.

Publication of Every Angle content to a HANA data lake

Every Angle is able to export its value adding insight and added intelligence content directly to HANA. This can be done in a couple of ways; either (a) by exporting a dataset that is then imported into HANA, or (b) through a pull mechanism created via an ODBC connection directly into HANA.

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