SAB-profiel bv intensively uses Every Angle software to their satisfaction since 2006. On Thursday March 29, SAB-profiel bv opened its doors to Every Angle guests. SAB-profiel bv is a supplier of metal awning and roofing systems. The guests made a tour of the facilities and experienced how metal sheets were transformed into profile plates. After this interesting introduction of SAB-profiel bv, the afternoon program was totally focused on presentations of and discussions about the use of Every Angle.

The seminar’s theme was “how Every Angle creates simplicity which leads to optimization of operational processes and better information systems within SAB-profiel bv. ”Manager ICT, Martijn Veldman focused in his presentation on how Every Angle connects to ICT’s strategy. ICT strives to simplify processes, including the provision of information. Veldman states “With Every Angle, we are able to supply our users faster with data. This data is more complete and standardized. We actually cannot do without Every Angle anymore."

Veldman continues by explaining the “Every Angle SAP GUI”, better known as SAP ZEA03 transaction. This functionality makes it possible to open an “Every Angle client” in SAP GUI. The advantage of this is, that you don’t need to make a separate “Every Angle client” anymore and you can use it immediately in your SAP environment. This enables you to make all standard Angles available to everybody. ZEA03 transaction enables people to consult predefined reports directly in SAP. However, the use of “Every Angle client” will remain necessary in order to create reports.

Beside Veldman, Supply Chain Manager, Stijn Prinsen presented how Every Angle is embedded in the daily operations. SAB-profiel bv prides itself on its delivery reliability. Thanks to Every Angle, SAB-profiel bv has up-to-date, reliable data which results in a better overview of, for example, purchasing and planning. By using Every Angle they can see immediately the status of back orders, threatening shortages and over and under deliveries. These reports are automatically created on a daily basis by the Angle-to-CSV functionality and posted directly on SAB-profiel bv’s intranet for all employees to see. Prinsen demonstrated how SAB-profiel bv works with this.

After the SAB-profiel bv’s presentations a colorful discussion took place and all in all, this day could be defined as an absolute success.


Every Angle SAP GUI demo

[jwplayer config="EveryAngle" file="/movies/demos/sap-gui.mp4" width="600" height="381" image="/movies/demos/thumbs/sap-gui.jpg" autostart="false" embed="true"]