Ron van Osenbruggen, European SAP Support Manager at Konica Minolta Medical Europe explains how Konica Minolta has implemented the Every Angle out-of-the-box software in December 2011. Konica Minolta uses the SAP add-on software for several purposes, such as; reducing stock levels, improving the supply chain and for consolidating sales reports for all offices across Europe. It takes their SAP users only a few minutes to run reports with the add-on software, where it previously took them several days to receive similar reports from IT.

Now they are using Every Angle worldwide, knowing that their reports are standardized across the entire organization. They are using the Every Angle SAP add-on software instead of Excel as it is their basic tool for measuring performances.

Musa Dumbuya, Assistant Financial Controller at Konica Minolta Medical Europe emphasizes how the financial department uses Every Angle for analyzing stocks.

Ellen Zhao, Specialist in Purchasing, Inventory Control and Order Processing at Konica Minolta Sensing Europe tells howPurchasing uses the SAP add-on software. Zhao checks stock regularly to see how many back orders there are for certain products. This saves her a lot of time as she can determine the demand for products on any given time. Zhao continues to explain that when she has all the exact information that she is looking for, this Purchasing Specialist can take immediate action where necessary.

Frans Kwakkenbos, Manager Accounting Projects at Konica Minolta Sensing Europe focuses on the importance of accurate master data and how they use Every Angle to ensure that their master data is entered correctly and that there is no information missing. Kwakkenbos also zooms in on the importance of the sales information and how Konica Minolta is able to measure results, sales trends and cost.

Marjon Wiendels, SAP support Technician at Konica Minolta Sensing Europe elaborates on the advantages of Every Angle for the IT department. This SAP add-on software lightens her workload because business users can run their own reports.

Wiendels has a long list of IT work requests and often times has to outsource some of the workload. Rather than having outside companies build reports on SAP data, it is much better that users can access the information they need from SAP by using Every Angle.

Anthony Tsikata-Lumor, Account Executive at Konica Minolta Medical explains how Every Angle helps him in his daily operation and how he has all the important information at his fingertips in the blink of an eye.

Konica Minolta Inc. is a Japanese technology company headquartered in Tokyo, with offices in 35 countries worldwide. The company manufactures business and industrial imaging products, including copiers, laser printers, multi-functional peripherals (MFPs) and digital print systems for the production printing market.

Konica Minolta Sensing

Contributing to the enhancement of the quality and precision indispensable to various industries by providing high-precision measuring instruments. Konica Minolta's measuring instruments help improve quality control and precision in a wide variety of industries.

Konica Minolta Medical Imaging is a leading manufacturer/distributor of digital and traditional imaging products for diagnostic use by hospitals, imaging centers, clinics and private practice physicians. Konica Minolta creates products and services that innovate and create real benefit and value to customers.