EVERY ANGLE Hundreds of Ways to Know More. Unlimited Ways to Act Faster.

The Power of Actionable Insight

Those who can extract real insights will win.

Can a software product really make a difference?

Surely all business analytical tools are the same – glorified reporting tools with flash graphics and fancy dashboards?

Tools that require the IT team to spend time working out how to extract the required data, manipulate it, transform it and stage it before it can be used.

Tools that require IT to develop the data sets and build the reports. Tools that primarily report on past events.

Every Angle is different. Live in 3-5 days and offering real business self-service with no need for data curation or management.

A unique product that provides unique insight;
insight that drives action.
Cross process analytics
Cross-process analytics
Understands, analyzes and highlights bottlenecks, issues and connections across the value chain
Real business Self-Service
Real business
Analyze, interrogate and answer ad-hoc critical business questions without the help from IT
Understands SAP configuration
Understands SAP configuration
Every Angle understands the unique configuration of your SAP system, and hides the complexity
SAP plug and play
No data curation, staging, managing or transformation. Live in 3 days. Adding value 3 minutes later.
SAP HANA certified
SAP certified
Certified to work with, and combine, any SAP system – including SAP HANA


Cross-process overviews in just 3 clicks

Easy Analytics for SAP

Easy Analytics

The complexity of SAP tamed,
the value released.

Get answers within minutes with Every Angle's Google-style search capability, out-of-the-box templates, easily customizable dashboards, process model reporting, drag-and-drop angle building and drill down functionality. Present data in Every Angle, in SAP, or via external BI and data visualization tools such as Tableau. Supports mobiles and tablets.

Engaging Analytics for SAP

Engaging Analytics

Where there used to be just uncertainty,
now there is understanding.

Create your individual dashboard with just three clicks and stay in control of your most important task 24/7. Every Angle's analytical capability unleashes your team's investigative capability with its ability to allow them to autonomously measure, analyze and prescribe action.

Enlightening Analytics for SAP

Enlightening Analytics

More than a SAP reporting tool, more than mere BI. Real Intelligence. Real Insight.

Drill down to understand the root cause of issues. Drag-and-drop additional fields from other process areas, and watch as Every Angle immediately understands the connection. Every Angle's added intelligence and insight capabilities creates transparency, highlighting bottlenecks, identifying root causes, creating greater cross-process understanding and enabling action.

Empowering Analytics for SAP

Empowering Analytics

SAP satisfaction up. Data accuracy up.
Number of risky non-SAP data silos - down.

Every Angle puts the power of enterprise wide, cross-process analytics into the hands of the people who need it most - the business. The vast majority of business queries are ad-hoc, arising from unpredictable events that occur daily throughout the business. Being able to answer them used to take time, money and IT resources. Not anymore. Every Angle empowers users to be able to find their own answers to these within minutes.


3 ways Every Angle can enhance your HANA ecosystem

Superfast extraction of ERP data from ‘ECC on SAP HANA’

Every Angle can extract its data from an ECC on HANA system, and enhance it with the extensive amounts of new fields, added intelligence and insights, before publishing the HANA sourced data to the business users in a ‘near real-time’ format.

Data extraction from SAP HANA / execution and publication of SAP HANA views in Every Angle

In addition to the added insight and intelligence that is provided out-of-the-box, Every Angle can execute HANA views in real-time and present the data to the business user in the Every Angle GUI. We can also extract data directly from HANA into Every Angle.

Publication of Every Angle content to a SAP HANA data lake.

Every Angle is able to export its value adding insight and added intelligence content directly to HANA either by exporting a dataset that is then imported into HANA or through a pull mechanism directly into HANA.


Enhance Understanding.

While other analytical tools extract, translate and transpose data, Every Angle understands it. Rather than just reporting on transactional data, it also understands your unique value chain network, by also extracting the relevant master data as well as your individual business configuration, derived from the customizing in SAP. It automatically translates this data into analytical overviews that are easy to understand.

Designed for true business user self-service, Every Angle’s cross-process analytics provides complete transparency across the end-to-end value chain. This enables users to analyze and understand not only the inbound and outbound situation, but also to see potential bottlenecks and root causes for overdue items, excess stock or unnecessary purchases. It also contains both process performance AND conformance analytics, including data quality, HCM and GRC.

Empower Immediate Action

Dealing with SAP can often be cumbersome, time consuming and frustrating. Using Every Angle is a completely different experience. By hiding the complexity of SAP, Every Angle enables your team to work the way they want to – by focusing on making things better.

Every Angle translates complex SAP-data into end user-oriented language, and understands the core relationships between objects enabling users to easily perform their own analysis and data discovery. It allows users to search for answers using ‘google-like’ search functionality, allowing for the use of normal business terms and questions.