SAP HANA and Every Angle Big data + Big insights

One question that potential customers ask again and again is ‘is Every Angle compatible with SAP HANA?’ The answer is an emphatic ‘yes’. As many of our existing customers will testify, Every Angle is a HANA value amplifier, not a bottleneck.

If an upgrade to SAP ECC on HANA is on your current roadmap, then Every Angle is still something you really need in your organisation. HANA may provide data faster, but it doesn’t make it any smarter. That’s where Every Angle comes in.


Simplifies the complexity of SAP data (HANA or ECC), enabling end users to access real self-service analytics

Live in 3 days

‘Live in 3 days’ Plug-and-Play installation removes the need for continual data transformation, management and staging

Built-in intelligence

Proprietary and unique inbuilt intelligence and actionable insight empowers users to answer their own questions

Empowering Self-Service

Natural ‘non-SAP’ language and self-service capabilities increases end-user adoption, usability and value


3 ways Every Angle can enhance your HANA ecosystem

Superfast extraction of ERP data from ‘ECC on HANA’

Every Angle can extract its data from an ECC on HANA system, and enhance it with the extensive amounts of new fields, added intelligence and insights, before publishing the HANA sourced data to the business users in a ‘near real-time’ format.

Data extraction from HANA / execution and publication of HANA views in Every Angle

In addition to the added insight and intelligence that is provided out-of-the-box, Every Angle can execute HANA views in real-time and present the data to the business user in the Every Angle GUI. We can also extract data directly from HANA into Every Angle.

Publication of Every Angle content to a HANA data lake

Every Angle is able to export its value adding insight and added intelligence content directly to HANA. This can be done in a couple of ways; either (a) by exporting a dataset that is then imported into HANA, or (b) through a pull mechanism created via an ODBC connection directly into HANA.

Every Angle can integrate and amplify your HANA system, allowing access to its insight in a host of value adding ways

S/4 HANA + Every Angle
Where speed meets insight

The Future: S/4 HANA

Every Angle is excited by the development of S/4 HANA. We currently have two approaches designed to enable Every Angle’s customers to capitalize on the potential of this new technology.

EA Extractor for S/4 HANA

The table structure of S/4 HANA is significantly simplified compared to ECC. This means that Every Angle can execute a much faster and simplified data extraction process, resulting in more time being available to add even greater levels of business insight and intelligence to the data, resulting in the availability of even greater analytics to the end user with less latency.

Real-time execution of Angles in S/4 HANA

S/4 HANA’s simplified table structure, in combination with the speed of execution provided by its in-memory technology, allows Every Angle to develop Angles directly on the S/4 HANA source data as well.

This means that some of the value-added analytical power of Every Angle can be delivered in near real-time. For the more extensive calculations, such as the unique (and complicated) demand-supply matching algorithms that provide Every Angle with cross-process supply chain insight, the Every Angle Model Server will still be necessary.

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