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SAP certified solution

Every Angle is an SAP AG certified standard solution for operations management and ad-hoc reporting.

Standard solution

Every Angle is an out-of-the-box SAP add-on. Within a matter of days, you will be able to generate a large variety of overviews based on SAP data and carry out advanced analyses. Without requiring expertise on data structures and query tools, you can identify bottlenecks in your supply chain, generate cross-sections of large volumes of product codes or sales orders, service levels of suppliers or manufacturers and select from a wide range of advanced stock analysis options. Just formulate the right business questions and Every Angle provides the answer: fast, simple and clear.

Every Angle makes intensive customizing and Excel processes unnecessary. The IT landscape becomes standard and simple once Every Angle is added, offering users increased functionality. In addition, the performance improves and it becomes easier to use.

Operations management

Every Angle focuses on issues that play a role now and in the near future. Which orders are to be delivered next week? What are the bottlenecks? What are the causes and consequences thereof? Where can I intervene to maintain our service level? Which overdue purchase orders affect our delivery reliability? Operations management queries often make high demands on an information system. Often a variety of details play an important role in the dependencies between the orders. Logistical analyses of order networks are much more complex than the presentation of statistical overviews. The required overviews change from day to day, which means that flexibility becomes important too. Every Angle offers fast and flexible insight into supply chain relations required by operations management, based on data already available in the SAP system.

Ad-hoc reporting 

Most operations management issues cannot be predicted and, therefore, cannot be covered via standard reports. Every Angle makes it very easy to define new overviews and analyses and provides immediate answers. It is an excellent tool for ad-hoc reporting. All SAP data plus all Every Angle built-in analyses can be used for ad-hoc reporting.


SAP certified

As of 2001, the Every Angle software has been certified by SAP AG in Walldorf. Every Angle holds the following certifications:

  • SAP Certified Integration
  • Powered by NetWeaver
  • Certified for SAP Solution Manager

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