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Master Data Management

Every successful company knows that data is its lifeblood; essential to the effective running of their operations. In reality however, many companies are suffering from poorly maintained master data and polluted transactional data, resulting in their inability to use this data to drive operational decision making, planning or even performance reporting.

Due to a lack of good data, companies can experience several problems, such as not meeting customer expectations and Service Level Agreements, being non-compliant to legal regulations, late supplier deliveries, dealing with insufficient or excess inventory and experience aged debts.

Once the data on an SAP system starts to lose its integrity, regaining control is a difficult and very time consuming task. In order to establish the size of the issue and where the root causes of the corruption lie, companies need to find a way to easily analyze their business critical data.

In order to help turn a mountain of a task into a molehill, here at Every Angle we have developed a service specifically designed to help; the Data Quality (DQ) Quick Scan.

Understand, Control, Improve…

To improve the quality of master data, it’s necessary to analyze its impact. The DQ Quick Scan is developed to help companies that use SAP achieve insight into their master and transactional data - quickly. It covers business processes from across the value chain, highlighting exceptions and cleaning up the pollution and embeds a clear Master Data Governance strategy.

The DQ Quick Scan therefore does more than just identify issues. It also helps to:

  • Understand the company individual impact of master data to transactional data in the business process
  • Find shortfalls & inconsistencies in the master data and the corresponding transactional data
  • Define measures to improve the data quality on both initial and continuous level, so your company can ‘Get clean & stay clean’

Quick Scan 1

Through the use of Every Angle’s DQ Quick Scan, companies can get real insight into their data – and real steps to improve it. In just two weeks.

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