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SAP Go-Live / Roll-out

As an SAP implementation project gets closer to go live, the entire project team is focused on one key objective: the go-live date. Master data has been uploaded but the quality has not been checked, users have been trained but not all have shown up, control reports are at the low priority end of the long ABAP list and are not yet in place. And then the moment arrives: the go-live.

Soon after, it will become evident that all of the unit and integration testing completed pre-go-live failed to cover the variety of scenarios that happen in the real world. You find users that are not fully aware of how to handle exceptions, bad practices that you never saw coming, users undertaking ‘workarounds’ that cause more problems than they solve, and master data that is missing key fields, quality content or simply is not filled at all.

Finally, the reports needed to control everything have not been built yet so nobody knows what goes wrong where and how to correct it. In no time, control of the business will slip away and the newly implemented SAP system will build up incorrect master and transactional data. The backlog grows and with the first month-end closing approaching, panic takes over. Nobody has an overall overview and users lack real visibility into their own processes: the famous post go-live ‘trough of disillusionment’.

Every Angle software can provide significant assistance during this dangerous period. Not only can use of Every Angle pre-go live prevent many of these situations from happening, it can also be used post go-live to quickly get deep insight into the data and processes of an organization so that swift action can be taken to correct the situation and turn panic into control.

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"I can’t imagine to go live with SAP without Every Angle. Because with Every Angle we can make every big problem very small and allocate all the problems towards the right person to manage that problem."
Filip Beyers, Director Operational Excellence, Heras International




"With the help of Every Angle we discovered a problem in the invoicing process in the first week after go-live"
Ronald Elshout, IT Consultant at Kverneland


"Without Every Angle, our SAP project would have been considerably more complex and more drawn-out."
Rudy Boogaard, VP Central Operations Europe, Tommy Hilfiger

"The users at MCB found their way around Every Angle immediately and were soon generating lists of things, for instance, purchase orders still to be fulfilled."
Lucien van Zundert, Supply chain manager at MCB Nederland


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