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Proof of Value

At Every Angle, we know that seeing is believing. Lots of products claim to do wonderful things, but disappoint when the rubber hits the road. For us, the opposite is true. When people see Every Angle live on their SAP data, the potential suddenly comes alive, and the value appears.

A Proof of Value (sometimes called a Proof of Concept) is the first step in the introduction of Every Angle to a customer. In this short engagement we install and connect Every Angle to your SAP system, extract the data and then use a workshop type approach to build the analytics and reports your business has been screaming for! We also highlight areas where data is incorrect, inventory is being wasted, excess costs incurred and service unnecessarily compromised.

This enables the joint creation of both a high level business case and a series of defined Angles (reports) ready for delivery in a senior management presentation.


  • Every Angle to be installed on a windows server (preferably in the SAP data center)
  • Every Angle is linked to your SAP system (default Q-system with a copy of PRD)
  • Data is Extracted
  • Every Angle use cases are developed and a business case established.
  • Final presentation to management, business and IT.

This gives the customer the opportunity to evaluate the Every Angle software, see it work on their own SAP data, get feedback from both IT and the business, and determine the potential added value.

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