Discover your hidden cash in just 5 days!

Discover how much cash is hidden, trapped or at risk in your SAP system!

Everyone is looking to save money, be more efficient and drive increased profitability. For many this pressure is unrelenting, a constant drive to cut costs; to do more with less. The net result is often a short term approach, where investment in tomorrow is sacrificed in order to show value today. Reduce the things that grow, develop and motivate the business in order to meet short term financial targets.

But what if there was a better way?

What if there was a way that you could uncover and free your valuable human, inventory and financial capital so that they can be reallocated to more value-adding activities.

What if this offering was risk-free?
What if only took one week?

Every Angle presents ‘SAP Business Value Discovery’.

A five-day service offering that utilizes Every Angle’s leading SAP analytical capability to identify where significant value is either lost, trapped or at risk in your business - and how you can free it. 16 years of continual investigation and work with businesses who use SAP has allowed us to develop unique insight into the hidden locations where financial, physical and human capital gets trapped and wasted. Insight we have poured into our product and which is waiting to be used to unlock this value in your business. Where other tools measure only compliance, Every Angle’s solution enables us to understand, monitor and report on process and data conformance as well as business performance.

The discovery program will look for savings in the following areas:

It will also evaluate the levels of data pollution in your system and the amount of time and effort currently being wasted through downloading and manipulating data on tools like Excel – effort that could be saved and reallocated.

1000 per cent Return on Investment. Or no charge.

It will identify the purchases you can delay or cancel, the inventory that can be released, the costs that can be saved and the hours of effort you don’t need to waste. Savings that, unlike normal cost reduction activities, will have a positive, not negative, impact on your levels of customer service.

We are so confident of our ability to uncover significant value that you can release, that we offer this service risk-free.

If, by the end of the five days we do not find value that is 10 times more than the cost of the engagement, then this will be free-of-charge.

A guaranteed 1000 per cent Return on Investment. In five days. Or no charge.

What will be delivered?

  • Full analysis of value draining activities in your business using our insight and your current SAP data.

  • Evaluation of results checked with your internal business experts to ensure validity, monetized and split into Optimistic, Realistic and Pessimistic estimates.

  • Detailed and financially validated report presented back to the business showing the initial and yearly recurring benefits.

We will also produce a proposal to realize the quick win savings, and suggestions as to how to ensure you reap the long-term reoccurring ones as well – recommendations that embed the benefits and enable you to:

All of these findings will be quantified, explained, monetized and signed off with your team to ensure they are both realistic and achievable. No big claims of gazillions of savings – just realistic, identifiable and explainable value.

So before you go through your organizational chart looking to reduce heads, give us a call and see what savings are hiding in plain sight.

What are you waiting for?

"We were able to show the operating companies
where they can save a lot of money and improve their
processes - and we did that with a budget of zero as
we had Every Angle"

Leonard Stein, Heineken International
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