How can we make IT more agile than your business? Jacques Adriaansen, co-owner of Every Angle Software Solutions, will answer this question during a webinar of the World Trade Group (WTG). Jacques will show that an agile IT is a prerequisite for Operational Performance Management (OPM). The webinar is free, will be held on 13 October and takes an hour.

The webinar of WTG is aimed at everyone active in operations management, like sales, purchasing, engineering, production, supply chain and finance, wanting to learn more about OPM and the need for an agile IT. Many people should be interested in this topic and the webinar. One needs the right information in a timely manner in order to improve the operational performance of a company and it turns out that it’s still difficult to get details from an ERP system, even if you're using a Business Intelligence (BI) system. BI focuses mainly on Corporate Performance Management or Enterprise Performance Management (EPM), to manage and control the longer term planning and recognize trends. Operational Performance Management (OPM), on the other hand, focuses on the details that are directly related to an operational level within an organization, up to the workplace. Detailed insight into bottlenecks in processes is difficult, if not impossible with BI and EPM/CPM.


Detect operational bottlenecks

Therefore; Every Angle has developed OPM as add-on to SAP, to enable companies to detect the real operational bottlenecks, to analyze their causes and to enable the business users to respond quickly and efficiently. The customers’ statements prove that we are very successful in this.


Managing Director Every Angle Belgium

The continuously changing information need is one of the challenges for IT departments

Jacques on the subject of the webinar: "One of the biggest challenges of IT departments in the current rapidly changing business world is the continuous and fast response to the associated changing information needs. The timely delivery of the right information to measure KPIs and improve business processes is essential for Operational Performance Management."


Operational Performance Management made easy for SAP run businesses

The title of the webinar is 'Operational Performance Management made easy for SAP run businesses'. The webinar focuses on the use of Every Angle in addition to SAP ERP. Jacques presents a number of information requirements to get Operational Performance Management entirely in line with Corporate Performance Management. More than 90 percent of our customers have seen an increase their information reliability, an improvement of their customer service levels, lower stock levels and have noticed that they need fewer man-hours to create reports and correcting errors.


Important learning points in this webinar are:

  • The data model and logic of an ERP system are at least as complex as the processes they depict
  • Process analysts and end users must have a quick trial and error possibility that supports them getting exactly the information they from their ERP system, without burdening the IT department
  • The IT Department should not be overwhelmed with 'yet another user list'–requests, instead they must especially focus on achieving the company key strategic goals
  • A successful software application for business users hides the complexity of the data model, contains the business process logic, is extremely fast and supports "Rapid Prototyping" of KPI’s

You can register for the webinar via the following link:


When, how late and duration:

Date: 13th October 2011
Time: 14.15 GMT + 1 time
Duration: 1 hour/60 minutes 


Questions during webinar

It is possible to send questions before the webinar and ask questions during the webinar (via chat).


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