Every Angle had a very promising SAP-Insider Logistics and Supply Chain show in Orlando.

Approximately 5,000 SAP users from operations and IT attended sessions conducted by industry experts and by SAP. On the exhibition floor, Every Angle offered one of the most modern booths, with several attendees and other exhibitors stopping by to take pictures and get ideas. The “rowing theme” was featured in a new 5-minute video that was looped continuously on two TV monitors and a 6 foot (2 meter) wide projection screen. All of this was “eye catching”, but the most surprising “find” for many attendees was the Every Angle product itself.

Starting with a statement in the show guide, declaring that Every Angle could be fully functional on any SAP within 3 days, many show attendees came to the booth and stated in various ways “I don’t believe you.” After viewing a demo on the big screen, seeing the new Every Angle iPad app and the demo “Procurement Dashboard” created in Tableau Public, skeptics started to become believers. Many of them brought back their colleagues and people they met at the show. The main draw was out-of-the-box content derived directly from ECC data. No one else in the world offers this and savvy attendees knew they had found something special.