Peter Scherpenisse, Group Project Manager at Kverneland Group, explains why the organization is so enthusiastic about the Every Angle out-of-the-box software. Most organizations promise IT projects to be “plug and play” but turn out to be “plug and pray”, as they would still take too much time and effort to implement. Every Angle did a Proof of Concept at Kverneland Group and the software supplier lived up to its promise of implementing the SAP add-on tool within three days.

After experiencing the Every Angle solution during the PoC, business users at Kverneland Group quickly decided to roll-out Every Angle use within the organization.

Ronald Elshout, IT Consultant at Kverneland Group, researched several solutions to retrieve information out of SAP, but then concluded that Every Angle was the solution that best fit their needs. In the video, Elshout notes that the biggest advantage of Every Angle is that Kverneland Group did not have to specify or define any questions upfront, because the Every Angle built-in intelligence can deliver answers to ad-hoc questions. During the implementation Every Angle was used to clean up master data and to check whether all business users were able to engage SAP as they should.

After implementing Every Angle in Kverneland Group Nieuw Vennep, Kverneland Group rolled-out Every Angle to all their international organizations that run SAP; Norway, Denmark, Germany, France and Italy.

Kverneland Group Kverneland Group is one of world’s leading companies in farming machinery and electronic solutions, and one of the best known and respected brands in the business. Kverneland Group’s offering enables customers to operate their businesses more efficiently with respect to both cost and yield. Kverneland Group is an international organization with its headquarters in Norway and branches in many countries, among which Denmark, Germany, France, Italy, the Netherlands and UK.