Leonard Stein, Custodian HeiLite BI & Every Angle & Innowera at Heineken International, explains why his worldwide organization uses this self-service BI tool.

In his role as custodian, Stein is in charge of the governance, training, implementation and roll out of Every Angle. In fact, Heineken International has rolled out Every Angle in the Netherlands, Egypt, Nigeria, Russia, Romania and Hungary and has many more countries in the planning for the future.

Heineken International's product range includes local brands of beer, coffee brands, wine labels, energy drinks and sodas. The corporate office is therefore tasked with the challenge of standardizing communication and responding fast to local report requests.

Being a market leader in the beverage industry, Heineken International and its operating companies (OpCos), are always under pressure to respond quickly to market changes as well as customer demand. Before using Every Angle, business people were forced to use a variety of ways to get answers to their questions which were based on the data stored in SAP. Often this included data dumping and manipulating via excel, and were not reliable.

Therefore Heineken International implemented Every Angle to empower its business people and enable them to access answers out of their SAP systems, make their own reports and respond to their local requirements.

As a matter of fact, last year Stein started the project HeiclEAn, using Every Angle to analyze purchase orders, sales orders and work orders in order to improve processes and save money. Simply by showing the operating companies the potential of the software and the information they needed to close certain orders, the HeiclEAn initiative was able to generate savings without incurring any extra costs for the project.

Stein notes that Heineken International has found Every Angle to be a great partner for operational business analytics. In fact, Every Angle has climbed the ladder within Heineken International and earned the first place as preferred service provider for the operating companies.

Stein shares that in his opinion SAP is not very famous for its reporting capabilities, but that the complementary SAP add-on of Every Angle provides great added value that SAP is lacking. He is convinced that Every Angle is a quick tool to extract the right data out of SAP, to improve business processes and to empower business users with self-service BI.

About Heineken

Heineken International has more than 250 international, regional, local and specialty brands and other beverages meeting a diverse range of consumer tastes and preferences. In addition to its flagship Heineken brand, the organization is investing in the expansion of other global brands including Desperados, Strongbow Gold, Amstel Premium Pilsener, Jillz and Sol and is increasing the rate of innovation to drive top-line growth. Strong customer management capabilities and world-class in-store execution enables Heineken International to create value for customers and drive long-term business success.