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Do more than just report on your business

What if there was a way to really understand what's going on in your organization?
A way to not only report on events, but a way to understand them, control them, improve them.

Imagine if you were able to understand the root causes of issues?
To be empowered to answer questions as you think of them. Imagine no more...

Empower the business with Governed Data Discovery and Self-Service Analytics - in days!

Cross‑process intelligence

Cross‑process intelligence

Understands, analyzes and highlights bottlenecks, issues and connections across the value chain.

Real business self‑service

Real business self‑service

Analyze, interrogate and answer ad‑hoc critical business questions without the help from IT.

Understands SAP

Understands SAP configuration

Every Angle understands the unique configuration of your SAP system, and hides the complexity.



No data curation, staging, managing or transformation. Live in 3 days. Adding value 3 minutes later.

A unique Business Analytics Solution

Simplifies the Complexity of SAP

Understands and simplifies
the complexity of SAP

Every Angle takes hundreds of SAP tables and SAP speak and simplifies it into normal business terms and language users understand. Every Angle breaks through the silos and combines data from multiple functions in order to provide new insights.

Business Analytics templates for SAP

Contains hundreds of ready‑to‑use business analytics templates

Every Angle creates transparency and understanding across value chains of varying levels of complexity, able to analyze and report on the flow of physical, financial and service items.

Contains unique insights for SAP

Unique added insights,
calculations and fields

Every Angle highlights performance risks and opportunities that empower the business with new insights. Insights that improve customer service, increase productivity, reduce costs and working capital, identify and eliminate risks and release cash.

Integration with SAP HANA

Plug-and-Play integration with
any SAP ERP DB including HANA

Every Angle + HANA is a relationship made in heaven. Whether you are extracting data from HANA to Every Angle, or importing Every Angle's insight and intelligence into HANA, no IT ecosystem is complete without the power of Every Angle.

A word from our customers

video Heineken
Heineken International uses Every Angle as it is a quick tool to extract the right data out of SAP, to improve business processes and to empower business users with self-service BI.

Leonard Stein, Custodian HeiLite BI, Heineken

video Bridgestone
I’m able to quickly investigate the problem. In addition it allows me to see if a suspicion I have is right or wrong

Niek Vaessen, General Manager of Supply Chain Management & Information Technology, Bridgestone

video Konica Minolta
We can now report on our consolidated European sales in 5 minutes rather than 5 days.

Ron van Osenbruggen, European SAP Support Manager, Konica Minolta Medical Europe

video Hella
Once you have standardized SAP, Every Angle can be used worldwide; one set of Angles can be used on 15 SAP systems in 15 countries.

Alan Parry, International Senior Project Manager, Hella

video Coats
I had only about 45 minutes of training and I use Every Angle quite extensively even as a senior person in the organisation. Because of its ease of use it is used right across the organisation.

Hizmy Hassen, Supply Chain Director, Coats

video SAPA
Every Angle has become a key tool in the daily work of SAPA's business users.

Pedro Hussain, Manager SAP Services, SAPA Shared Services

video Zimmer Biomet
We were able to shorten our response time and lower our IT costs on reporting. With Every Angle we have valuable information at our fingertips.

Juan Scarpa, Supply Chain Support Manager, Zimmer Biomet

video Kverneland Group
Many IT projects claim to be plug and play but Every Angle actually did deliver plug and play within 3 days which is absolutely perfect

Peter Scherpenisse

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