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Every Angle Fields: Delivery Reliability

Posted on: 01-09-2016 15:42:50935


One of Every Angle’s most powerful attributes is its ability to determine the delivery status of an order, combined with detailed understanding of complicated availability and supply information like MRP and ATP. This enables Every Angle to predict future delivery reliability, and not just report on past performance.    

Every Angle is able to calculate future delivery reliability on new and existing orders. It does this by cross-referencing and combing the records contained within numerous Every Angle and SAP data fields such as execution status, order due date, expected delivery date, realized finish date, tolerance for late delivery and tolerance for early delivery.

This provides value chain stakeholders with a really quick way to determine the prospective service level, the number of order items affected, and the SKU’s and customers impacted. It also provides insight into the root cause of any projected delivery issues, including delays by external suppliers, production plant orders or logistical issues such as picking issues and late customer deliveries.

With this seemingly simple metric, Every Angle users are empowered with the ability to identify and resolve key delivery issues before they materialize.

Delivery reliability for open orders is categorized as the following:


Delivery reliability for closed orders is categorized as the following:


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