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Every Angle vs. other BI tools

Posted on: 04-12-2015 11:55:11937


Finding the right business analytics tool for your business can be tough. Where do you even begin your search? Which tool best addresses the specific needs of your business? These types of questions can be endless and it is increasingly difficult to choose when they all apparently state they deliver similar benefits. We’ve therefore decided to try and help provide potential buyers with some clarity. In this blog, we will explain what the difference is between Every Angle and other business analytics tools available on the market.

Business Intelligence and Data Visualization tools such as Qlikview and Tableau are rated highly on their ability to create overviews based on existing data. These tools also provide users with plenty of opportunity to ‘slice and dice’ data in order to provide multiple viewpoints and analysis. These overviews are then transferred into dashboards and graphs using an impressive data visualization capability. 

Sexy vs. Smart

Whilst the initial appeal of data visualization is immediately appealing, behind the scenes there exists a rather big and real challenge. These tools still require the extraction, manipulation, curation and staging of data from SAP. A single report often requires data that is sourced from numerous tables. If you are unfamiliar with the complex data model within SAP (or any other ERP package), this can make it enormously complicated and extremely difficult to build reports of high integrity. Relevant information can only be extracted from SAP if you know exactly which tables are needed for a specific report, and in order for that report to be reliable, it also needs to consider the relationships between each of the tables and how the relating computational algorithms should behave. 

Business user self-service

The term ‘Business user self-service’ is becoming increasingly common in the marketing of these new tools.  Business self-service refers to the ability of business users to choose from a list of predefined reports and to then be able to add fields from an existing dataset. This can be a frustration for business users when they require access to information that aren’t included in the predefined dataset, as any amendments require significant IT-expertise.

Every Angle however offers something different; real business user self-service. By real we mean providing business users with the capability to answer 90% of their business questions within three minutes; all without IT support. To achieve this type of user experience, a profound and extensive appreciation for SAP’s data model complexity and application logic is required. Every Angle has included this knowledge alongside understanding of the specific way the customer has configured SAP within its software, so business users not only have direct access to data, they have access to insight.

Whilst Every Angle doesn’t really compete with Qlikview and Tableau from a graphical perspective, we are absolutely a market leader when it comes to business information and the ability to provide operational business insight. Procure to Pay, Order to Cash, Supply Chain, Plant Maintenance, Finance to Report, Human Capital Management, IT, GRC… With Every Angle, business users have all the cross-business insight they could possibly need at their fingertips.

What do you choose?

What makes Every Angle stand out from the crowd of BI vendors is its ability to provide rapid access to business insight; insight derived from SAP data, enhanced with intelligence and provided to business users that enables them to answer their own critical questions. Our solution can be used throughout all levels of the organization; from management (‘dashboards for the generals’) all the way to the employees that manage the day-to-day operations (‘actionable insight for the troops’).

To use an analogy, Every Angle is a highly efficient sports car that not only houses some hugely impressive power and intense acceleration but which is also easy to drive. BI tools like Qlikview and Tableau may be prettier models, but with a much simpler motor and turnkey. You do get spare parts included, which can admittedly turn the engine and its acceleration into a beast, but only if you are willing to invest in a highly skilled team of mechanics.

Which car would you choose?

Shane Badeloe
Benelux Marketing Manager

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