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SAP chairman Hasso Plattner is brilliant, but what about the HANA development platform?

Posted on: 19-05-2015 17:13:44970


Last week at the SAP Sapphire conference I had the pleasure, as I do each year, of watching SAP chairman Hasso Plattner. Hasso is always insightful, entertaining, and challenges the thinking of those of us in the SAP ecosystem. If you have been anywhere close to the world of SAP over the past few years, you have definitely heard of HANA; SAP’s in-memory database and the foundation of the SAP roadmap. This 2015 presentation builds on the 2014 presentation where Hasso discussed “Models and Algorithms” on top of data with no aggregates.

While promising for many uses, like cancer research and application development, as shown in this YouTube video, the concept of “models and algorithms” built on top of non-aggregated data, operating in an in-memory environment, is not new.

In the late 1990’s a few developers and supply chain experts developed a similar concept, with the “model and algorithm” being the internal supply chain of companies that use the SAP ERP to run their business. The result was, and still is, the world’s only reverse MRP.

What is reverse MRP? In companies that manufacture anything, the components or ingredient are organized into Bills of Material (BOM). Think of all the parts required to build an iPhone. Complex products may have many layers of BOM’s. MRP “explodes” these BOMs, then analyzes the detailed supply versus the forecasted demand. In short, go buy a defined quantity of each material, so you can produce a defined quantity of the product you wish to sell. Most companies do this every day. In a perfect world, MRP yields a perfect plan. The world is not perfect. Customers cancel orders, suppliers deliver late, materials go on quality hold, and so on. Over time, this results in a fragmented supply vs demand profile. Thus the need for reverse MPR; an expert system for re-organizing the pieces of supply relative to the current demand profile.

True genius, and born out of the same thinking that Hasso and the other strategic thinkers at SAP are developing into the HANA platform. Pragmatic decision-makers within all sorts of companies can take advantage of hardened reversed MRP while HANA is emerging and maturing.

-Mark Knowles, Sales Director U.S.
Watch speech here:


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