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Small Data Underpins Operational Success

Posted on: 06-06-2016 11:50:411098


Solid, actionable foundations help business leaders control the strategy to execution gap.

Following the publication of our CEO’s article in the Data Economy supplement for the Business-Reporter, Fred has continued his commentary for one of the UK’s largest newspapers; The Telegraph. You can access the article in full here.


Fred sets the scene by first referencing an operational analytics study recently conducted by Capgemini. This paper serves as the source for some extraordinary headline statistics which succinctly detail and quantify potential benefits for small data evangelists.

Throughout the rest of the article Fred explains how small data serves as the lifeblood of any business, and how without it, organizations would turn into a chaotic, uncontrollable mess. The article goes on to explain why many big data incumbents are frustrated by its apparent lack of ROI. Fred argues that solid, operational foundations are imperative to the success of any big data endeavours, as without these solid foundations, any newly captured big data insights cannot be correctly acted on or add any specific value.

Read the article in full to find out why.

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