On 13 and 14 March 2017, Every Angle will be at the ‘Mastering Business Analytics with SAP Solutions’ conference in Johannesburg, South Africa, where our Business Improvement Thought Leader, Jacques Adriaansen, will host a session on one of the hot topics of the conference, namely: ‘Making self-service BI work for you.’

Given that there has been more data produced globally in the last two years than throughout history, and this volume is set to grow exponentially, it is surprising to know that despite all of this data, people still struggle to manage to find the answers to critical business questions in time.

With this in mind, on 14 March at 9.40 am Jacques will be hosting the session ‘How to Bridge the Business-IT Gap with Real Business User Self-Service’. ‘People have been working intensively for many years to close the gap between Business and IT, yet the gap doesn’t seem to shrink. Real Business User Self-Service bridges that gap since business users can answer more than 90% of their questions within 3 minutes, without the help of IT.’

This presentation focuses on the causes of the above mentioned gap, and vitally, how to get Real Business User Self-Service. This presentation also explores the experiences of various companies using Real Business User Self-Service on SAP ERP.

In this blog you can read an introduction of this presentation.

Mastering Business Analytics with SAP Solutions