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We are saving time in the invoice payment process but for me it is the insights in the performance and possible bottlenecks that matter the most.Jos Hemmes, Manager Logistics

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What are the Use Cases for the Utilities Industry?

The main goal of the Utilities Industry is to ensure the safe and proper functioning of technical installations, which include networks and machinery. Utility companies can have two types of core business activities:

  • Design, build and deploy technical installations;
    • Engineering and development processes,
    • Master data setup (equipment, functional location including classification),
    • Testing and installation,
    • Set-up of maintenance plans.
  • Maintain and service installed base;
    • Corrective maintenance,
    • Preventive maintenance,
    • Revisions.

Every Angle provides a clear overview of entire processes, enabling utility companies to:

  • Assess building projects & maintenance processes from end-to-end;
  • Monitor aging installations;
  • Foresee bottlenecks before they become problems;
  • Determine whether they deal with an asset or operational issue;
  • Analyze how efficiently installations run.

Benefits to the Utilities Industry

Every Angle also shows the complete visibility of utility related supply chain processes, such as:

  • Planning of component requirements;
  • Spare part management;
  • Purchasing of services (including service master sheets and service entry sheets);
  • Purchasing of spare parts and maintenance supplies;
  • Contract management (with service providers).

Business Value

Utility companies using Every Angle are able to:

  • Reduce cost through preventative and timely corrective maintenance;
  • Optimize work scheduling through better visibility;
  • Optimize installation performance;
  • Ensure government compliance.

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